Skilled Visas

If you would like to work and live in Australia and have professional and trade qualifications you may be eligible for a skilled visa. Australia is one of the most stable economies in the world with high-income levels and excellent work environment.

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Business Visas

If you want to set up a new business or invest in Australia you may be eligible for this visa. The Australian economy is a developed and stable economy offering attractive business and investment opportunities.

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Employer Sponsored Visas

If you feel that you need skilled workers from overseas you can use this category to sponsor and employee overseas workers. Workers with skills in shortage in Australia can be sponsored under this category.

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Student Visas

If you want to study in Australia for a Bachelors or Masters degree you may be eligible for a student visa. School students can also get a visa for studying in Australia.

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Parent Visa

If you have parents overseas and would like to bring them to Australia you may be eligible for one of the visas in this category. Recently the Australian government has made it easier for children to bring their parents to Australia.

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Partner Visa

If you are in a relationship with someone who is in Australia on a temporary visa you or you want someone from another country to come to Australia and marry you, you may be able to sponsor them under this category.

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