457-Temporary work skilled visa

Independent, Employer Sponsored and Regional Visas.


This is a Temporary visa which allows Australian Employers to sponsor and employ overseas skilled workers for their business in Australia.  This visa can also be used by overseas business if they are seeking to establish a business in Australia or have contractual obligations in Australia.


Employer Sponsorship

The employer has to apply for becoming an approved sponsor. Some of the important factors considered by the department in granting approval are;

  • The applicant is lawfully operating a business either in Australia or overseas;

  • The applicant meets the benchmark training requirements, if the employer is in Australia.

  • The applicant attests in writing that they have a strong record of, or demonstrated commitment, to:employing local labor; andnon-discriminatory employment practices;

  • No adverse information known to the Department about the applicant or an associated person.

SBS applicants must specify the number of people they propose to sponsor for 457s during the SBS approval.From 1st July 2013, the Minister can either accept this number, or propose a lower number.



To lodge a nomination you must be an approved business sponsor or have lodged a sponsorship application. You can lodge a sponsorship application at the same time as a nomination and visa application. An employer needs to ensure the following while nominating an employee

  • The occupations must be on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation list.

  • Agree that the nominated employee will be paid a minimum salary under the Temporary Migration Income Threshold which was fixed July 1, 2013 at $53,900 per annum. This is expected to increase at 4.8% annually in line with the Australia-wide increase in average weekly earnings.

  • Show that labor market testing, if required has been carried out. There is no requirement to do this testing in case of many occupations on the Skilled Occupations list.



  • The applicant must be nominated to work in an approved occupation on the  Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List.

  • Meet the skill requirements for the nominated occupation.

  • Meet registration and licensing obligations, if applicable.

  • Vocational English(subject to exemptions).

  • Have been nominated by an approved business.


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